Puzzles Group offers services and solutions to client organisations with diverse interests through its specialized subsidiary companis staffed by some of the best professionals in their fields.Through its affiliates’ seamless operations, Puzzles Group has gained recognition as a notable player and service provider in the following sectors:

e-Payments and e-Collections

  • E- Payment System (EPS)

The EPS, is a secure electronic payment solution uniquely designed to efficiently manage payments of salaries and other forms of financial settlements, seamlessly for organizations, parastatals, agencies etc

E-Payment Applications


This is designed to be used for staff salaries, pension payment, social security grants / payments, payment to un-banked retirees, enabling the un-banked to access their funds via the ATM or POS or using the Mobile Commerce features


The Payment outlet solution is a web based payment engine, for the collection of cash payment from the various member banks. It is a many to one transaction process whereby many people can pay into one account.We are currently executing this project in Bauchi State,Nigerian Police Force
and FCTA

E-collection System

This process involves the collection of mandatory contributions through a switching platform into a designated account. It is a many to one transaction process whereby many people can pay into one account.
Some of the few companies that we are currently proffering this solution to are:

  • ITF – This purpose-built platform will automate and manage their collections process, making sweeps to designated accounts in real-time. According to the act every company is required to contribute 1% of the annual payroll for training of the staff.

  • FMBN – Puzztech developed a hybrid system that is both a collection and an identification processing and transaction switching platform. This is aimed at effectively meeting the needs of the Bank and to complement one of its statutory functions and management of the National Housing Fund (NHF). This is also mandatory for companies and institutions to contribute 2.5% of the staff basic salary per month.

Puzzles Technologies(PuzzTech), one of our subsidiaries has also extended its services to the West African sub-region with presence in the following countries:

  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • Ghana
  • Gambia