Puzzles Group comprises of affiliated companies engaged in wide range of business with the overriding objective of providing first-rate technology driven and innovate solutions to discerning clients in diverse sectors of the economy.The Group has continued to actualize its founding vision of a world class brand by deploying the top-drawer skills and passion of its high qualified and experienced professionals to help its growing clientele
attain new heights in innovation, output, efficiency and profitability


Mission: We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions and services to enhance their ability to conduct their affairs and business seamlessly with superior competence. We deploy our knowledge of emerging technologies, a high level of professional expertise and conduct as well as robust public-private partnerships for the benefit of the community and the preservation of stakeholders’ wealth

Vision: Our vision is to create communities rather than markets by being the preferred multi-dimensional service provider adding value to private and institutional concerns and the community at large

Puzzles Group & Subsidiaries